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 Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger 

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Featured Track

Composition Style

I graduated in 1988 with a Distinction in Composition from the NSW State Conservatorium of Music Newcastle Campus with a B. Mus. Ed. I was tutored in Composition by Nigel Butterley. I am drawn to Concert Music that is highly emotive and evocative. I call my works Sonic Stories, collaborating with artists and poets. Tasmania has been my home for the past 14 years. I am particularly interested in how Orchestral instruments can emulate the natural beauty of the Tasmanian landscape through sonic story telling. 

Concert Music Commissions

- Orchestral - Choral - Chamber - Solo Works

From Valley To SummitWayne Neilson
00:00 / 08:02

Performer: Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Benjamin Northey
Recording: ABC Studios
Venue: Federation Concert Hall Hobart

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