WIND QUINTET © Wayne Neilson 2020

Composed during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, my Wind Quintet reflects an emotional response to four distinct time points during the year. Taking inspiration from musical techniques and forms from the past to tell a story of the present. The movements are connected by various motifs, echoing Cyclic form. The introductory motifs take centre stage as the main thematic material for the extended section C in the fourth movement, as well as appearing in various iterations and transformations throughout the work. 

First Movement 

Introduction and Allegretto -

'New Years Anticipation' The year starts with promise and anticipation.... pre COVID. 

A bright sonata/rondo, mixed metre, melodious, flourishes, and exciting rhythmic conversations between the ensemble dominate.

Third Movement (Start 13:46)

Intermezzo - replaces a traditional scherzo 

'A Disordered and Chaotic World'

With New York hard hit early on in the pandemic, elements of the New York Jazz scene come to mind, albeit slightly disordered and chaotic.

Second Movement (start 6:14)

Largo 'Lament for a Troubled World'

A Lament for those who have lost their lives to COVID-19 during 2020. Of note: variation technique, passacaglia and

the two note sighing figure

Fourth Movement (start 16:48)

Presto - 'The Year ends in Promise and hope'

A lively rondo as Democracy prevails and signs of peace and hope start to emerge as countries think about delivering the COVID-19 vaccines.

Wind QuintetWayne Neilson
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