Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger 

1 June 2022 


Flinders Quartet Ascend Program 2022 - Successful applicant


    I am  thrilled and excited to have 2 movements from my new String Quartet "Anima" chosen as part of Flinders Quartet Ascend program 2022. For information about the program, workshop, dates, and concert, go to:



String Quartet "Anima" 2022.


Once complete, the Quartet will be in 5 movements.


Movement I and III will be workshopped, recorded and performed by Flinders Quartet in July 2022.


Movement I "Chasing Moths"  Follows the highly animated afternoon of a Tasmanian Spotted Tail Quoll hunting for an evening meal. The movement captures the skittish nature of this delightful creature.

Movement III "Whales Lament" Echos of the Southern Right Whale, harking back to the mid 1800's off the coast of Bruny Island. The Island was home to a number of whaling stations for the purpose of extracting whale oil. The lament is a haunting reminder of the slaughter of these majestic animals.